Struggles Of Being An Afro-Latina

Black or Latina? I’ve heard that question so many times that it drives me muy loca (very crazy…lol). Some people do not understand that Afro-Latinos/Latinas do exist in this world. They are so used to the ideal Latina that looks like Jennifer Lopez. A lot of black Latinos are criticized for either not being black…

Cyclical by Hym

“Psychological and physical abuse are far more prevalent than society is talking about.” – Hym CAn 

Watch “Prince – WAY BACK HOME [Official Audio]” on YouTube

This is a poem I posted on social media sites hours before the announcement that Prince had transitioned. It takes on a totally new meaning for me. RIP Prince… I hope that you’ve found your way back home. No copyright intended for YouTube video and Prince Cover Art.

My Black Is…

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