Kelly Stone: Life After My Fall From Grace

Life After Book Cover


Many times in life, we are faced with obstacles specially designed to define us. These obstacles present themselves in the form of moments that often make us question our life’s journey with questions like: Where am I going? What’s next? Am I headed in the right direction?

Do you pray before making decisions? In these moments, do you decide what’s best for you?  No matter how dire these situations may seem, just one step in the right direction can make a huge impact.

Lessons… That’s what obstacles are to me. There’s never been an obstacle in my life that I haven’t learned from. And when I unfortunately miss the lesson, it returns in another form. Thus, the déjà vu moments.

Nevertheless, time continues to tally minutes and hours. Life goes on. Hopefully, you’ll get it. Hopefully, you’ll truly understand the obstacles you face because it is an internal thing… an internal, spiritual process.

Come what may, we must not lose heart. We must continue fighting to get better and do better… always keeping the end result in mind.

There’s potential in all of us. How we deal with obstacles placed in our daily lives can either make or break the chances of us reaching our full potential.

Today, I encourage you to remain open-minded to where you’re going next. And should you find yourself headed in the wrong direction, decide today is the day to change directions.

Dear God,
Help me to unleash my full potential.