SOUTHERN Laced: Blood

SOUTHERN Laced: Blood


Bernard is a handsome and successful thirty-nine year old man, who is head of security for the governor of Mississippi, Jacob Reese. Bernard is considered one of Mississippi’s most eligible bachelors, but has refused to settle down. Meanwhile, Bernard has been trying to help Jacob’s wife, Jessamine, gain visitation rights to see her mother, Bessie, who has been locked in a mental institution for the past five years for the elderly abuse of her estranged father. She also confessed to vandalizing Jessamine’s apartment. The more Bernard visits the mental hospital, the more he suspects they are hiding something. Especially the shy and timid looking psychiatrist, Dr. Blossom Scott, that’s assigned to Bessie. Every time he sees her, the nerdy looking woman runs. Bernard has allowed this plain Jane and simple woman to evade him far too long. What will happen when Bernard begins chasing Blossom, but instead of catching her….she catches him?


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