Glam Metallic Decorating in Shades of Gold, Bronze, and Copper​​

There is nothing more stylish than introducing some metallic details into your home decor. Of course, it is all about mixing and matching and the freshest design trends even support mixing the metals in just one room. So in order for you to get the most of this eye-catching trend, here are some great implementation ideas for your home.

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Let’s start with the living room

Your living room offers a whole array of possibilities for implementing different metallic features. One of the most popular trends is opting for bronze and gold mirror frames as they tend to stand out and serve as focal points. They also offer a great contrast when put against a darker accent wall. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to have only metal pieces in order to implement this type of decor. Another great option is using different metallic color fabrics for your pillows or sofa covers. They can really brighten the room and introduce a bit of elegance to your design. Finally, you can go for a more subtle look by adding just metallic handles and some unimposing artwork, that ways you’ll still stay true to the trend without letting it overtake your living room.

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On to the kitchen

What better location for implementing the glam metallic trend then your kitchen. Just think of the infinite possibilities. Let’s start with the appliances. You should first make sure you get both quality and style. Have professionals come and install the latest Bosch appliances boasting the perfect shade of silver. That way you can make sure that the stainless steel surface stays in perfect condition and that everything runs smoothly. Now, just because the silver is dominating your kitchen it doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce some other metals into the mix. Opting for bronze handles can really create that rustic feel, while some shades of gold and copper can be ideal for your backsplash. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the metal fixtures, after all the possibilities are endless and it is all about what looks good to you.

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Let’s not forget the bathroom

The bathroom is probably the best space for implementing the glam metallic trend. You can opt for different fixtures, from copper ones to evoke the ghost of designs past to modern silver ones with stylish curves and a more artistic feel. You can even implement this trend by combining different tiles that have that perfect metallic shimmer. Just imagine, having a bathroom that reminds your guests of the Versailles. How good would it feel to take a long bath surrounded by gold?

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And finally the bedroom

Believe it or not but the perfect mix of metals can really transform your bedroom into a warm and romantic place. The key is subtlety. Making sure you introduce the right details so that it doesn’t feel too shiny or overcrowded. Start by choosing a bronze or gold lamp instead of a silver one. The next option is introducing the metal flair through your curtain selection, of course not the entire fabric of your curtains needs to be metallic, it can just have some soft gold or silver elements that will create a more regal atmosphere. Another option, when it comes to introducing metals into your bedroom, is having the details on your bed in various metallic shades. Perhaps a gold or copper bed frame or a bit of bronze details on your linen design. All of them can work wonders on the overall feel of your bedroom and at the same time elevate the entire design.

There you have it; simple yet effective ways of introducing glam metallic decor into your home. You can, of course, be subtle about it and go for some specific details or you can feel quite regal and have larger surfaces covered in shades of bronze, gold or copper, the choice is entirely yours. Enjoy!

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