7 Great Sex Tips

‘Less Stress More Sex’, goes a saying. Often relegated to a mere bodily union of two people with an intent to continue the lineage or plain physical indulgence, sex plays a much more vital role in marriages and relationships other than its basic utilitarian role. Healthy sex enhances the communication and comfort level between two partners, makes them feel united at a deeper level and contributes to their overall well-being. Sex teaches you to trust and love each other unconditionally and echo your innermost feelings without any qualms.


Is your marriage taking a downturn due to irregular and poor sex life? Here are few sex tips to add some oomph to your marriage and pep it up like never before:

Set the mood with sweet forget-me-nots

This one is for the women out there but guys can sure practice it too. If you have been craving for the perfect night, it’s about time you took your partner in confidence too. Give subtle hints mentioning how much you missed your partner’s touch and how often you have been thinking about him the whole day. Stir up his favourite dish to surprise him pleasantly after he is back from a long day at work. Lead him on with a candlelight dinner and dreamy, romantic music playing in the backgrounds. Finally, top it with evocative gestures like tingling his toe underneath the dining table which will surely prep him up for the ravenous night that is soon to

Dress up in lacy undertones to set the pulse racing

A peek-a-boo here and there is sure to set the hearts and the groin on fire…you agree? Tantalise him with sexy and erotic lingerie that leave little to imagination and more for experimentation. While red and black are the ubiquitous choices when it comes to bedroom fantasies, you can add some drama to your sex life with unusual colours like wine and midnight blue. Leave the rest to your negligee and watch him lusting for more. Men can opt for hot pants and briefs that are naughty and tempting and perfect for the night-long rendezvous.


Build the steam with adequate foreplay

Often undermined, foreplay is an important aspect of a fulfilling sex as it de-stresses your partner and prepares her for the upcoming saga of pure bliss. Women need loads of foreplay before they can get into the groove of passionate sex. Foreplay arouses a woman and assures her that she is the one whom her man desires the most. It stimulates her clitoris and lubricates the vagina which is quintessential for pleasurable sex and for achieving orgasm. Indulge in adequate foreplay with her erogenous zones and watch her moan in sheer ecstasy with every
nip and bite!

Get naughty with food

Food satiates our belly for sure. Did you know it can also satiate your innermost thoughts and desires? Surprised? Well, try few naughty tricks in bed with the goodness of honey or chocolate sauce. Love ice-creams more? No fret as every flavour is good as long as you both enjoy it. Drab some melted chocolate or butter on each other’s private parts and gently lap it up. See the mercury rising as you clean up the mess with your tongue.

Make a connection with eye contact

As much as you may feel shy to watch the private moments wide-eyed, prolonged eye contact can do the trick when you need to form an unspoken bond with your partner – one that encompasses intimacy, love, and trust. Stare deep into your partner’s eyes during your culminating moments and tell him or her how much you enjoyed the entire journey together. Your feelings will surely transcend all boundaries and tell your spouse what he or she wants to hear the most – they are special and they are perfect for you!


Be slow and gentle for a mutually gratifying sexual experience

Now that you have caressed and kissed enough, it’s time to turn up the heat and get into action. Do remember to take it slow and keep it gentle as you get more intimate and explore uncharted territories with assured moves. Increase the momentum gradually while keeping an eye on your partner. Try to gauge if she is enjoying the act equally as you are. Communication is the key here as each partner should voice the slightest of discomfort without any hesitance. Opt for caring and gentle moments and let them lead you to an experience par excellence.

Leverage natural supplements to boost your libido

Lastly, it never hurts to pop in natural aphrodisiacs like Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma Longjack to add that extra zing to your pleasurable sex life. The supplement has been in use for decades now and known for its potent libido enhancing benefits and ability to combat sexual disorders like impotence and erectile dysfunction in men.

So, rock every night with these fundamental sex tips and keep your passion alive for a long time.

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