Southern Laced Adore Me Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s Day


What do you get when three women get together to pick out the best Adore Me Lingerie for Valentine’s Day? You get a bunch of laughs and a boost of confidence just knowing that all women deal with insecurities.

Is there a body part you wish you could change? I’m sure there is, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing sexy lingerie

Lucky for you, I took good notes! Here’s Southern Laced lingerie picks for Valentine’s Day and National Singles Day 2016.

If you want to look innocent and sexy, the Kellye Bra is for you. You’ll have a supportive bra and just enough coverage in the hip area.
This Roseanne set can be worn under practically anything. It will definitely keep your significant other guessing. Powerful executive by day… A tease during Netflix & Chill…
Romance is for singles too! Go ahead… Plan some down time and celebrate yourself.
Looking for an alternative to painful waxing? Order Pretty Kitty for a grooming experience that will leave your skin smooth and silky.

Pretty Kitty Products

If you’re not into lingerie, look no further than Susanna. She’ll make you look soft and feminine.
If you’re always wearing black, why not be bold and go red. Add some spice and color to your life with Rhea!
Now, Marlena will take you to another level of imagination. She will inspire you enough to grab a chair and do a lap dance.
The last lingerie pick of the Day is Katiya, but Southern girls would call her Daisy from Dukes of Hazard.
The last lingerie pick of the day is Katiya, but Southern girls would call her Daisy from Dukes of Hazard. Unlike Daisy Dukes, a woman of any size should feel confident  wearing  this.

Did you find something you liked? Leave a comment below. Find these Valentine’s  picks and more at

Laced with Love,

Kelly Stone


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