Lost Virginity


October is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you or someone you know needs more information about domestic violence, visit The National Domestic Violence HOTLINE or call 1-800-799-7233.

This is a poem I will be sharing with a special group of survivors on tomorrow night…


The door unlocks

There was no need to knock

For what stood between out there

and in here was supposed to be safe

not filled with hate

In comes the cold

standing bold

Not even a hint

of the usual strong liquid and mint.

Red flags

I did have

But it was already too late

Anger began to penetrate

Once brave

Now, all I wanted was to be saved

But no one came

To the outside, all was the same

Yells became louder

I began to cower

as monstrous eyes

began to glare into mines.

Fight or flight

I had to get out of sight

So, I grabbed my phone

to escape the place that I called home

I ran

from this angry man

that I knew nothing about

All I wanted was to get out

I almost made it

Was just about to split

But he ruined my chances of freedom

Breaking my phone…making me feel dumb

He grabbed me from behind

I screamed to give my neighbors a sign

But no one came

They ignored my cry, which was insane

Every time I got away

He would drag me back to stay

Front door…back door in sight

Flight was all I had because I couldn’t fight

If only I could move a little faster

Like a slave escaping his master

But I was much to slow

I begged as he dragged me across the floor

This time, he wouldn’t punch or kick

He would just break me and make me sick

As he watched me pretend I wouldn’t run

He knew I couldn’t outrun or outsmart a con

So, I continued to flight

with all my might

I screamed, cried and sweated

Never will I forget it

Time went on

which was much too long

Broken, I finally gave up

Only then did the neighbor knock to ask, ‘What’s up?’

The door was open

Somehow I was still coping

enough to make a run

to reunite with the wind and sun

I escaped

Stunned, but I did not hate

Yes, I would be free for the night

Only to weep and rest enough to jump back into the fight.

-Kelly Stone

Are you a survivor? If so, leave your story of survival in the comment section below.

Copyright © 2014 Kelly Stone. All Rights Reserved.

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