Infatuation: Part I

Have you ever experienced a relationship that stirred up feelings you never knew existed? If so, you are one of many. Whoever came to your mind was the one person that left you tingling all over. He or she ignited those cliché butterflies in your stomach without fail. You were smitten by his or her physical appearance, which later opened the doors to fantasizing about endless possibilities. You became in love with the idea of love. A love that left you breathless and excited. You understood this phenomenon to be love, but it turned out to be an infatuation.

Photo Captured By: Elite Images,
Photo Captured By:
Elite Images,

In some cases, infatuation can lead to one being in love. But, love and being in love are two different things. Is it possible to encounter both at the same time? Yes, but it’s important to note that once the breathlessness and excitement wears off, only real love remains.

I enjoy reading romance novels. You can say it’s my guilty pleasure. I never had to question whether the couple fell in love or lust. As long as they lived happily ever after, I was fine. Lust is temporary and love last forever, right?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to discover everything about a person? You connected to this person because they understood the way your mind worked. The impression left was mutual without a hint of unrequited love. You felt comfortable sharing your fears, dreams and most intimate thoughts with this person.

Is it still hard for you to differentiate between love and lust? If so, remember that love remains through good, bad and ugly experiences. Love is getting to know someone. Love builds you up and gives good energy to your soul. On the contrary, lust releases a chemical in the brain that gives you a temporary high. It’s a short-lived fix like a drug.

I won’t quote scriptures on love and lust. I simply ask that you become aware of the difference between the two conditions. Once aware, you may find yourself falling out of infatuation.

Do you have trouble distinguishing between love and lust? Is there a balance between love and lust? Leave your comments in the section below.


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Image captured by Elite Images.

Excerpt from Kelly Stone: Life After My Fall from Grace – A Daily Inspirational Book.

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  1. Tomorrow says:

    I believe infatuation and lust breeds more emotion, passion, and excitement than what is thought to be LOVE. A Balance between the two only comes with time. Love is born from infatuation but through struggle and trials can it manifest itself.

  2. I agree, but LOVE isn’t always the outcome.

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