A Young Girl’s Crush

I remember having the hugest crush on a teenage boy when I was a young girl around the age of seven. I adored this guy. If anyone inquired about the identity of my boyfriend, I did not have any shame about it. I would point him out of any crowd because I believed he belonged to me.

Photo Credit:  Elite Images, www.myeliteimages.com
Photo Credit:
Elite Images, http://www.myeliteimages.com

To me, he was perfect. He was tall and handsome. He could sing. He played basketball. He had the most charming smile that I had ever encountered.

As the years passed, my infatuation continued. Even after he moved away, I was convinced that if he ever came back I would be old enough to date him.

As expected, the years passed. I tucked him away in the back of my mind. Hence, I started dating and life happened.

Finally, he moved back home. He was still older, but I wasn’t a youngster anymore. I was old enough to do what I set out to accomplish as a child. I knew in my heart what I wanted to do.

The minute I saw him, that familiar feeling returned. Alas, I didn’t get the memo that I lacked the courage I once had as a child. My childhood innocence was long gone.

Have you ever heard of fight-or-flight response? Instead of fighting for Prince Charming, I made haste to the nearest exit. The child in me never got her happily ever after. The adult in me knew that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Who was your childhood crush? Leave your story in the comment section.


Copyright © 2014 Kelly Stone – All Rights Reserved.

Images is copyrighted by Elite Images.

Excerpt from Kelly Stone: Life After My Fall from Grace – A Daily Inspirational Book.

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